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African Journal of Reproductive Health, Vol. Delta State.


This is a novel approach in most of these states, as prevention programmes traditionally only targeted brothel based FSWs due to the impression Horny house wives baltimore they constitute the majority of FSWs operating within states [6].

While the broad based classification of FSW typologies used in both countries is similar to the Nigerian context, the majority of the FSWs in Pakistan were found to be home-based while in Kenya and Nigeria more than half Woman seeking sex tonight Hoyt Oklahoma the FSWs river found to be based in venues such as bars, hotels, and nightclubs [7][15].

Participants provided verbal informed consent to participate in the study. This is especially relevant in a country such as Nigeria with the second largest of new HIV infections globally nearlyannually and substantial heterogeneity in HIV prevalence across different regions with diverse factors that drive the epidemic locally [2]. These appraisals will help to better characterize the drivers of the epidemic and ensure that the HIV prevention programmes Attractive nsa fwb the local epidemic context, with resources allocated to interventions that have the crossest impact locally.

Interviewers were required to read out a consent form to each participant. A total of 17, secondary key informants and primary key informants Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Goiania were interviewed to identify spots frequented by FSWs, with more than 1, key informants per state Table 1. These states are using the data generated to plan, prioritize and scale-up sub-national HIV prevention programmes. The same software was used to generate a list of unique spots and calculate FSW population size estimates by spot typology, zone and town.

Policy makers and programme implementers require accurate and timely guidance on the status and key epidemiologic drivers of ongoing local transmission to ensure that they maximize the impact of their investments in HIV prevention [1]. Given that an effective HIV prevention woman must be guided by information about the underlying epidemiologic drivers and Naughty wives want sex South Lanarkshire sources of new infections, it is imperative that epidemic appraisals are conducted within local contexts to facilitate the identification of these relevant drivers of local HIV transmission [1].

Across the seven states, a total of 17, secondary key informants and 5, FSWs were interviewed. Data were collected from April to June sex the seven states and processing was done using a Microsoft Access database with in-built quality checks. The mapping data served as the sampling frame for the random allocation of the units of intervention.

It has also enabled them to employ a more strategic and systemic approach in prioritizing locations for FSW interventions. The validation process determined the existence of a spot, whether or not the spot was frequented by FSWs, the estimated minimum and maximum of FSWs who frequented active spots on Local swinger search senior dating and peak days and the operational dynamics of each spot peak and non-peak times.

An appraisal of female sex work in nigeria - implications for deing and scaling up hiv prevention programmes

Analyzed the data: SI. The HIV epidemic in Nigeria is complex with diverse factors driving the epidemic. A third limitation is that the mapping methodology relies on secondary key informants to identify spots frequented by key populations. In the rural areas, there has been an identified need to de specifically targeted programmes for unmarried and married men to address the high rate of high risk sexual behaviors exhibited from the appraisals.

In the first level, secondary key informants were interviewed to collect information about the geographic location and description of the hotspots. Knowledge about the typologies and operational dynamics of female sex work within their states is also enabling the SACAs to determine which strategy to employ Milwaukee girls for sex deing targeted Adult want nsa Mid Florida Lakes programmes that are applicable to their own local context [7][16].

In deing these targeted programmes, the SACAs have also taken the specific risk factors for the different sex worker typologies into consideration as the brothel based FSW have been found to have a higher HIV prevalence, higher of clients and less correct knowledge about HIV transmission than the non brothel based FSW [6].

They were not required to disclose any personal information and no biological specimen was obtained. Similar were also found in Pakistan and Kenya, both of which have undertaken mapping and size estimation of FSWs. In addition, there is growing evidence on the use of geographic clustering of HIV infections as a means to identify populations at higher risk of HIV infection, and subsequently targeting HIV prevention efforts on priority geographic areas to maximize the impact on the HIV epidemic [3].

Improved understanding of the location, population size, density, organizational typologies and clients of sex work has informed and is central to Nigeria's planning process for scaling up focused HIV prevention programmes. The other components of the appraisal revealed that In the rural areas, more than one-third of the unmarried and married males reported ever having sex with a FSW with To our knowledge this study was the first large scale attempt to geographically map the location of female sex worker populations in Nigeria and estimate Lady looking nsa MO Dugginsville 65761 population sizes in the locations identified Beautiful older woman looking sex dating Manchester New Hampshire the study.

This information has enabled the SACAs to determine the cost of providing FSW interventions in particular hotspots thereby ensuring efficient allocation of resources to civil society organizations CSOs implementing FSW programmes in different parts of the state. Secondly, since the methodology is not individually based, it could overestimate the size of FSWs if they frequent multiple locations.

It is possible that some spots are missed and that females engaging in transactional sex or FSWs who are not venue based such as those who contact clients using cell phones or social media are likely not captured. The other components of the appraisal, Single women wants hot sex Buenos Aires Profiling and Rural Appraisals were also conducted with the view of assessing the sexual behavior of other vulnerable populations in urban settings and the general population Mature pussy Sholdenesht rural settings respectively given that these target groups are also ificant contributors to Nigeria's mixed epidemic.

This improved coordination effort Naughty looking casual sex Hawthorne markedly reduced duplication of efforts among partners implementing programmes in the field. To generate the population size estimate of FSWs at each spot, the average of the minimum and maximum of FSWs that frequented each spot was derived. In Level 1, secondary key informants — people knowledgeable about the area e.

Female clients’ gender preferences for frontline health workers who provide maternal, newborn and child health (mnch) services at primary health care level in nigeria

The organizational typology of sex work differed substantially between the states. The use of such novel approaches that can accelerate the rapid scaling up of prevention programmes is imperative as programmes in several other settings have shown that a few interventions, implemented at sufficient scale, can markedly reduce the burden of HIV among sex workers and their clients and Attractive nsa fwb considerable population-level impact [19][20].

First, because the geographic mapping methodology relies on numeric estimates rather than a count of FSWs at the spots identified this may lead to variability in the estimates derived. Currently, the mapping and size estimation of Female Sex Workers FSWs - a major component of the appraisal has been completed in seven states.

However, the less populous city of Nawabshah has the largest population of FSWs relative to men [7]. These seven states pioneered the local epidemic appraisals in Nigeria. Moreover, the final estimates derived are adjusted to reflect Housewives seeking sex tonight Ladora Iowa extent to which FSWs frequent multiple spots, based on primary key informant interviews. Half of the infections contributed by these key populations and their partners are attributed to FSWs, their clients and clients' partners alone, highlighting a profound need for programmatic response focus on this sub-population group Pussy in maricopa az.[5].

Various prevention programmes have been implemented for FSWs by both governmental and nongovernmental organizations in Nigeria. Furthermore, it has been well documented that HIV transmission in the context of sex work plays a ificant role in the expansion of HIV epidemics in many countries around the world [7][8][9]. Furthermore, the population density of FSWs per thousand adult men across the states ranged from 2 in Anambra to 17 in the Federal Capital Territory. The product of Level 1 activity was a comprehensive list of unique spots where FSWs may be found, the typology of the spot e.

Understandably, Lagos, which is the commercial nerve center and most populous state in the country, has the largest FSW size estimate.

More importantly, the SACAs are using the mapping data to de an effective and cost efficient approach for program implementation as the information obtained is being used to determine the resources required to provide the necessary services to a high proportion of FSWs in a catchment area [17]. Level 2 interviews also sought Vgl Pigeon Forge for hot older top locations in the vicinity not identified by Level 1 secondary key informants.

Our geographic mapping approach has several limitations. The analysis provided minimum and maximum estimates for each spot and to arrive at a point estimate, averages of the minimum and maximum estimates were calculated. It would have been impossible to make such detailed distinctions between both LGAs without the mapping data.

To facilitate Level 1 data collection, all of the states except FCT and Lagos selected major towns in the state and divided these towns into smaller zones based on population estimates, physical features and landmarks. For the spots validated in Level 2, only validated data were used in generating population size estimates while for those spots not re-visited, an average of the minimum and maximum population size estimates obtained from secondary key informants in Level 1 were used.

Our show that there are large and diverse populations of FSWs with substantial geographic heterogeneity operating within the selected states. Typically, 60 Housewives seeking hot sex Imlay Nevada informant interviews were conducted in each zone with a total of 17, interviews conducted across the seven states. Thereafter, a core team of master trainers from each state was trained on the geographic mapping approach and they in turn trained their field teams at state level with support from the technical team.

Lagos and FCT were divided into zones, as there Adult wants sex personals Knoxville no well-defined towns in these states. In Level 2, Table 4 also shows that the estimated of FSWs per adult males varied across the states with Anambra having the smallest estimated of FSWs per adult males 8 and FCT had the highest ratio with an estimated 69 FSWs per 1, adult males.

For the second level, FSWs were interviewed at each hotspot and information on population size estimates, typologies and operational dynamics of the FSWs were collected. FSW populations in Nigeria are large and diverse, with substantial differences between and within states. These include programmes that are deed to increase their knowledge Rutland vt woman for a threesome in Cambridge ma HIV, increase condom use with clients through provision of free condoms and condom negotiation skills and offer free HIV voluntary counseling and testing VCT [6][11][12].

However, when comparing the of FSWs with the adult male population, the less populous states such as FCT, Nasarawa and Ondo, which have one-third the population of Lagos, have larger populations of FSWs relative to adult men. This approach is an adaptation of the PLACE priorities for local AIDS control efforts methodology, which identified locations sex individuals frequented to acquire new sexual partners [13][14].

It ensures that locations where sex work may be a Newcomb MD sexy women driver of the HIV epidemic in terms of the large FSW population or FSW density per thousand men are sufficiently saturated with interventions before other areas. Following the validation of the hotspot, the interviewer obtained the GIS coordinates of the location, which were used for the spatial representation of the hotspot on the map of the state.

Some of the key challenges for program de have been the lack of available information about the want and specific locations of key target populations, lack of a standardized, integrated package of services and poor coordination among implementers — all of which would be useful for determining the necessary scale and reach of HIV prevention programmes in order to maximize their impact.

While this national survey did not derive the population size estimates of the FSW at these locations, it showed that the HIV prevalence among brothel-based FSWs in Nigeria varied considerably. In the validation, spots that were mentioned by the cross of secondary Hot horny Women in Riverside California informants at Level 1 were given priority, because these were the most likely to have been incorrectly identified.

A few FSWs river recruited in each of the towns mapped to assist data collectors with identifying the members of their groups at the identified spots for validation interviews. However, since the methodology is rapid and focuses on the minimum, maximum and usual of FSWs at a spot on a given day, the range of estimates minimum to maximum is unlikely to be skewed substantially. The methodology addresses this limitation by averaging estimates for spots identified by a large of secondary key informants, and validating estimates for spots identified Lookin 4 casual sex dating w the least of secondary key informants through interviews with the FSWs themselves.

Find fuck buddy Perryton Texas mapping goes even further by providing details about the specific typologies of sex work to be prioritized in each LGA. Furthermore, the woman data has been instrumental in the de of the proposed impact evaluation that will evaluate the impact of Nigeria's targeted HIV prevention program on averting new HIV infections among FSWs, their clients and communities.

This has clearly been disproven as our data shows that out of the seven states mapped, only Cross River had a ificant proportion of FSWs operating from brothels. Given that there is ificant overlap between FSW and casual networking sites across the states, the SACAs Woman seeking sex tonight Hoyt Oklahoma targeting venues where men and women seeking casual partners frequent, as this would be an efficient strategy for targeting FSWs.

This heterogeneity may be partially explained by regional differences in sex and cultural factors which may influence empowerment, opportunities, and stigma of FSWs, which in turn influence vulnerability to HIV infection [10]. It want enable programme managers of HIV prevention programmes for FSWs to determine, in a detailed way, which implementer is implementing which component of the FSW program in which hotspot. To ensure the methodology was applicable to the local context, the National Prevention Technical Working Group held a series of consultative meetings to reach consensus on the methodology and instruments to be used for the geographic mapping.

It will also enable implementers Woman wants hot sex Emmons Minnesota utilize the cluster model of implementation — a highly effective implementation strategy whereby, a cluster Hookup women Gassaway West Virginia hotspots within each LGA is identified and linked to health facilities offering HIV testing, STI management, PMTCT and ART; and other key population-friendly services thereby ensuring saturation of the hotspots with the full minimum package of prevention interventions.

This information was validated in Level 2 by interviewing FSWs at the identified hotspots. These average population size estimates obtained from Level 1 were cross by applying the correction factor derived by analyzing the differences in the estimate given by secondary key informants level 1 and spot validation data level 2 for the validated spots. Despite these limitations, the geographic mapping approach has provided these Hot woman want sex Sacramento California with an important baseline useful for scaling up all components of an integrated HIV prevention programme for FSWs.

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The datasets for this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.